Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Abortion Essay -- Pregnancy Papers

Abortion Abortion has been an issue since 1820. In the beginning the problem was more about protecting doctors who have licenses. â€Å"Regular doctors thus had an incentive to ban abortion as part of an effort to drive irregular doctors many of whom were women out of business† (Straggenborg, p.211). The AMA (American Medical Association), which was the group that the regular doctors made, started a campaign that made the people believe that the white population was getting smaller and the population of the immigrants was rising. Abortions were made illegal to insure the stability of the population of American citizens. It seems odd that the only reason that abortions were made illegal at one point was because of money issues and a lust for white supremecy. It seemed to have nothing to do with the rights of a child or a woman. One of the reasons why abortion came into question in the beginning of the 1950s was due to the fact that a lot of doctors and lawyers were seeing many case s of illegal abortions and it was becoming a large social problem. Since there was a lack of competition for legal abortions, doctors found no problem making them legal again -- â€Å"They felt that abortions were justified under certain circumstances, and they begun to see the laws against abortion as an infringement on their own medical discretion† (Straggenborg, p.212). And so the issue arose again with many pro- choice groups speaking up. Then with court cases like Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade, abortion again became legal in the United States. When looking at a topic like abortion, there are many things that one must take into account. Yet before we look at both sides of the issue, lets look at exactly what the issue is. If we were to s... ...ernet,authoritative} Lee, Dr. Ellie, â€Å" Is Abortion a Health Risk?† 2001 {popular news, print via internet, reputable} Katz, Nikki, Abortion Statistics, 2002 { unrestricted, internet publication only, apparently credible} Low Income Uninsured Children by State 2000, 2001, 2002. 2002 { scholarly primary, print via internet, authoritative} Vital Statistics of the U.S. 1998, Vol 1, Natality. 1998 { scholarly primary, print via internet, authoritative} Feinberg, Joel. â€Å"Abortion.† Random House, Inc, 1986. [Scholarly primary source; print; not used for evidence] Rosenblatt, Roger. â€Å"How to End the Abortion War.† The New York Times Company, 1992. [Scholarly primary source; print; not used for evidence]

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